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Celebrating Difference

LESSONTITLEOVERVIEW (Social and emotional development learning intention) (OJS additional plans)
1Juding by appearances
  • I understand that, sometimes, we make assumptions based on what people look like
  • I try to accept people for who they are
2Understanding influences
  • I understand what influences me to make assumptions based on how people look
  • I can question why I think what I do about other people
3Understanding bullying
  • I know that sometimes bullying is hard to spot and I know what to do if I think it is going on but I’m not sure
  • I know how it might feel to be a witness to and a target of bullying
4Problem solving
  • I can tell you why witnesses sometimes join in with bullying and sometimes don’t tell
  • I can problem-solve a bullying situation with others
5Special me
  • I can identify what is special about me and value the ways in which I am unique
  • I like and respect the unique features of my physical appearance

Celebrating difference:

how we look

  • I can tell you a time when my first impression of someone changed when I got to know them
  • I can explain why it is good to accept people for who they are
7Celebrating Pride
  • Celebrating PRIDE LGBT+