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Changing Me

LESSONTITLEOVERVIEW (Social and emotional development learning intention)
1My self-image
  • I am aware of my own self-image and how my body image fits into that
  • I know how to develop my own self esteem
  • I can explain how girls’ and boys’ bodies change during puberty and understand the importance of looking after yourself physically and emotionally
  • I can express how I feel about the changes that will happen to me during puberty
  •  I understand that sexual intercourse can lead to conception and that is how babies are usually made
  • I also understand that sometimes people need IVF to help them have a baby
  • I appreciate how amazing it is that human bodies can reproduce in these ways
4Babies:Conception to birth
  • I can describe how a baby develops from conception through the nine months of pregnancy, and how it is born
  • I can recognise how I feel when I reflect on the development and birth of a baby
5Adolescent friendships (alternative)
  • I know myself well enough to maintain positive relationships with others whilst still keeping my own identity
  • I can be assertive when appropriate
6Real self and ideal self
  • I am aware of the importance of a positive self-esteem and what I can do to develop it
  • I can express how I feel about my self-image and know how to challenge negative ‘body-talk’
7The year ahead
  • I can identify what I am looking forward to and what worries me about the transition to secondary school /or moving to my next class.
  • I know know how to prepare myself emotionally for the changes next year.
8Water safety

The Year Ahead Royal Life Saving Certificate/Prevention of Drowning -