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Celebrating Differences

LESSONTITLEOVERVIEW (Social and emotional development learning intention)
1Am I normal?
  • I understand there are different perceptions about what normal means
  • I can empathise with people who are different
2Understanding difference
  • I understand how being different could affect someone’s life
  • I am aware of my attitude towards people who are different to me
3Power struggles
  • I can explain some of the ways in which one person or a group can have power over another
  • I know how it can feel to be excluded or treated badly by being different in some way
4Why bully?
  • I know some of the reasons why people use bullying behaviours
  • I can tell you a range of strategies
    for managing my feelings in bullying situations and for problem-solving when I’m part of one
5Celebrating difference
  • I can give examples of people with disabilities who lead amazing lives
  • I appreciate people for who they are
6Celebrating difference
  • I can explain ways in which difference can be a source of conflict and a cause for celebration
  • I can show empathy with people in either situation