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Healthy Me

LESSONTITLEOVERVIEW (Social and emotional development learning intention)
1Being fit and healthy
  • I understand how exercise affects my body and know why my heart and lungs are such important organs
  • I can set myself a fitness challenge
2Being fit and healthy
  • I know that the amount of calories, fat and sugar I put into my body will affect my health
  • I know what it feels like to make a healthy choice
3What do I know about drugs?
  • I can tell you my knowledge and attitude towards drugs
  • I can identify how I feel towards drugs
4Being safe
  • I can identify things, people and places that I need to keep safe from
  • I know some strategies for keeping myself safe, who to go to for help and how to call emergency services
  • I can express how being anxious or scared feels
5Being safe and unsafe
  • I can identify when something feels safe or unsafe
  • I can take responsibility for keeping myself and others safe
6My amazing body
  • I understand how complex my body is and how important it is to take care of it
  • I respect my body and appreciate what it does for me