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Changing Me

LESSONTITLEOVERVIEW (Social and emotional development learning intention)
1Unique me
  • I understand that some of my personal characteristics have come from my birth parents and that this happens because I am made from the joining of their egg and sperm
  • I appreciate that I am a truly unique human being
2Having a baby (alternative)
  • I understand what responsibilities there are in parenthood and the joy it can bring
  • I can consider what has influenced my life and what might influence the lives of other people
  • I understand that having a baby is a personal choice and can express how I feel about having children when I am an adult
3Girls and puberty
  • I can describe how a girl’s body changes in order for her to be able to have babies when she is an adult, and that menstruation (having periods) is a natural part of this
  • I have strategies to help me cope with the physical and emotional changes I will experience during puberty
4Circles of change
  • I know how the circle of change works and can apply it to changes I want to make in my life
  • I am confident enough to try to make changes when I think they will benefit me
5Accepting change
  • I can identify changes that have been and may continue to be outside of my control that I learnt to accept
  • I can express my fears and concerns about changes that are outside of my control and know how to manage these feelings positively
6Looking ahead
  • I can identify what I am looking forward to when I move to a new class
  • I can reflect on the changes I would like to make next year and can describe how to go about these