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LESSONTITLEOVERVIEW (Social and emotional development learning intention)
  • I can recognise situations which can cause jealousy in relationships
  • I can identify feelings associated with jealousy and suggest strategies to problem-solve when this happens
2Love and loss
  • I can identify someone I love and can express why they are special to me
  • I know how most people feel when they lose someone or something they love
  • I can tell you about someone I know that I no longer see
  • I understand that we can remember people even if we no longer see them
4Getting on and falling out
  • I can recognise how friendships change, know how to make new friends and how to manage when I fall out with my friends
  • I know how to stand up for myself and how to negotiate and compromise
5Girlfriends and boyfriends
  • I understand what having a boyfriend/ girlfriend might mean and that it is a special relationship for when I am older
  • I understand that boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are personal and special, and there is no need to feel pressurised into having a boyfriend/ girlfriend

Celebrating my relationships

with people and animals

  • I know how to show love and appreciation to the people and animals who are special to me
  • I can love and be loved