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Healthy Me

LESSONTITLEOVERVIEW (Social and emotional development learning intention)
1Taking responsibility
  • I can take responsibility for my health and make choices that benefit my health and well-being
  • I am motivated to care for my physical and emotional health
  • I know about different types of drugs and their uses and their effects on the body particularly the liver and heart
  • I am motivated to find ways to be happy and cope with life’s situations without using drugs
  • I understand that some people can be exploited and made to do things that are against the law
  • I can suggest ways that someone who is being exploited can help themselves
  • I know why some people join gangs and the risks this involves
  • I can suggest strategies someone could use to avoid being pressurised
5Emotional and mental health
  • I understand what it means to be emotionally well and can explore people’s attitudes towards mental health/illness
  • I know how to help myself feel emotionally healthy and can recognise when I need help with this
6Managing stress and pressure
  • I can recognise stress and the triggers that cause this and I understand how stress can cause drug and alcohol misuse
  • I can use different strategies to manage stress and pressure