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Being Me in My World

LESSONTITLEOVERVIEW (Social and emotional development learning intention)
1Becoming a class team
  • I know my attitudes and actions make a difference to the class team
  • I know how to use my Jigsaw Journal
  • I know how good it feels to be included in a group and understand how it feels to be excluded
  • I try to make people feel welcome and valued
2Being a school citizen
  • I understand who is in my school community, the roles they play and how
  • I fit in
  • I can take on a role in a group and contribute to the overall outcome
3Rights, responsibilities and democracy
  • I understand how democracy works through the School Council
  • I can recognise my contribution to making a Learning Charter for the whole school
4Rewards and consequences
  • I understand that my actions affect myself and others; I care about other people’s feelings and try to empathise with them
  • I understand how rewards and consequences motivate people’s behaviour
5Our learning charter
  • I understand how groups come together to make decisions
  • I can take on a role in a group and contribute to the overall outcome
6Owning our learning charter
  • I understand how democracy and having a voice benefits the school community
  • I understand why our school community benefits from a Learning Charter and can help others to follow it