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Dreams and Goals

LESSONTITLEOVERVIEW (Social and emotional development learning intention) (OJS additioanl plans)
1Hopes and dreams
  • I can tell you about some of my hopes and dreams
  • I know how it feels to have hopes and dreams
2Broken dreams
  • I understand that sometimes hopes and dreams do not come true and that this can hurt
  • I know how disappointment feels and can identify when I have felt that way
3Overcoming disappointment
  • I know that reflecting on positive and happy experiences can help me to counteract disappointment
  • I know how to cope with disappointment and how to help others cope with theirs
4Creating new dreams
  • I know how to make a new plan and set new goals even if I have been disappointed
  • I know what it means to be resilient and to have a positive attitude
5Achieving goals
  • I know how to work out the steps to take to achieve a goal, and can do this successfully as part of a group
  • I can enjoy being part of a group challenge
6We did it!
  • I can identify the contributions made by myself and others to the group’s achievement
  • I know how to share in the success of a group and how to store this success experience in my internal treasure chest
7Winter water safety