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Celebrating Differences

LessonTitle Overview (Social and emotional development learning intention) (OJS additional plans)
1Different cultures
  • I understand that cultural differences sometimes cause conflict
  • I am aware of my own culture
  • I understand what racism is
  • I am aware of my attitude towards people from different races, cultures and ethnicities

Rumours and


  • I understand how rumour-spreading and name-calling can be bullying behaviours
  • I can tell you a range of strategies
    for managing my feelings in bullying situations and for problem-solving when I’m part of one
4Types of bullying
  • I can explain the difference between direct and indirect types of bullying
  • I know some ways to encourage children who use bullying behaviours to make other choices and know how to support children who are being bullied
5Does money matter?
  • I can compare my life with people in the developing world
  • I can appreciate the value of happiness regardless of material wealth

Celebrating difference across

the world

  • I can understand a different culture from my own
  • I respect my own and other people’s cultures
7Challenging HomophobiaChallenging Homophobia – William’s Doll -